My comics inspired mural at Halseys Tavern in Astoria, Queens, NY!
The overall mural tells the story of 4 dog walkers exploring local Astoria, looking at the famous sites that make our town beautiful! The goal of the mural is to inspire people to discover Astoria and all it has to offer.

This image on the Mural for Halsey's Tavern was inspired by a Astoria neighborhood dog called Rino. He was a good dog and very affectionate!

This panel was of Silvercup studios. I drew and painted it with a clear grid ruler with 3 quarters on the back to prevent smudging and posca pens and pencil.

This panel was of Socrates Sculpture park. Drawn with pencil and posca acrylic pens, and painted with acrylic paint!

This panel is special to me because it features my wife Thais in the lower left corner. It is of the Hellsgate bridge in Astoria Park.

This panel is of the piano factory! Drawn with pencil and posca pens and painted with thick acrylic paint using short dabbing strokes to make the trees feel leafy.

This panel is of the N train above Ditmars Blvd train station. It was a lot of fun to draw and paint!

This panel is of Kaufman film studios in Astoria! I like how colorful it came out with the clothing of the people in the painting!

Can you guess who the dog walker is? Manifesting a future pug in my life!

Yankees fan dog walker that I painted up on a ladder at Halseys Tavern!

Pups in Love! the two ends of the leashes meet!

Woman dog walker!

Front of the mural and me!

Halsey's Tavern Mural Astoria, NY

Halsey’s Tavern
March 2021