I started this Metro Manga at Musashi-Masuko Eki in Tokyo and drew what I saw on the way back to the Sakura hotel. red ballpoint pen

My trip from Suehirocho eki to Tokyo eki. Eki means station in Japanese. India ink

Metro Manga I made from Yotsuya-sanchome eki to Tokyo Eki. I make a cameo in this manga page! India Ink.

I started this Subway Sumi-e drawing at Ikebukuro-eki and finished at Ōmiya-eki. India Ink.

Japan Subway Storyboards! I drew the people who inspired me on my way to the Shojo Manga Kan. It is a family owned house that has over 30,000 books and magazines related to Shojo manga. Pencil

I sat under the Giant Mobile Suit Gundam statue in Driver City Tokyo, and drew this in the rain under my umbrella. Blue, Black and Red Ballpoint.

I drew in the back of a taxi with red ballpoint pen on the way to the Fujiko F. Fujiko Museum in Kawasaki Japan. Fujiko F. Fujio are the mangakas who created the infamous Doraemon manga!

I drew a vase of flowers that was in a mom an old school mom and pop restaurant in Kyoto. I then drew more flowers in the subway before I traveled to Takarazuka to see the Tezuka Osamu museum.

I drew this with a black brush pen at the Yokai, demons Shigeru Mizuki exhibition in Tokyo. (Mizuki sensei is the creator of Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro. A manga about spirits, demons and monsters.

Pencil Metro Manga! I started at Tokyo-eki and drew my trip to the Fujiko F. Fujio museum, (dedicated to the creators of the Doraemon manga) and drewe in the Doraemon bus on the way back.

I got inspired buy the Ukiyo-e I saw in the Ota Memorial Museum in Tokyo and used a grey copic brush pen and a black brush pen to create this.

Drawing through Shinkansen window on my way to Nagoya. Black and Blue color Ballpoint pen. Shinkansen means bullet train in Japanese.

Shinkansen Storyboards! I drew a self portrait in the reflection of the mirror, the people in the chairs in front of me and the outside of the train car I was in. Pencil

Metro Manga Japan

My art from my trip to Manga Mecca. I drew all this Manga in Japan’s Metro system and bullet trains. I also drew what I saw in the museums that I traveled to by train.

Manga, Sumi-e, Ukiyo-e