The cover for my first art book! It is a collection of Subway sketches I have made for past 3 years. It will be for sale on my website soon!

I drew my friend and talented musician Thalys for the second time after two years doing his thing in the subway. I worked free hand in ink on the paper. He really loved the piece. This is one of my favorite subway sketches I have worked on.

Drawing in progress while my friend Thalys is playing his guitar. He is one of my favorite subway musicians.

Robert Leslie performing on the uptown F train platform in the 2 ave station. He was VERY TALENTED. We talked for a while and became friends.
White signo .05 and .07 pen on black paper

"Metro Moments" I have been experimenting lately with adding internal dialogue to the characters I create on the subway. Pentel pocket Brush Pen

12/5/12 Fulton St Copic Brush Pen Subway Sketch

11/28/12 Q train Copic Brush Pen sketch

12/9/12 1 train Copic Brush Pen sketch

1/13/13 R-6-3 Train Ballpoint, Yellow Brush Pen Sketch

I was inspired by this man playing his scratch off lotto ticket. Orange pentel color brush pen on bristol.

I drew my sister with a red gel pen on yellow construction paper who modeled for me in the oldest car in the Transit Museum in Brooklyn. I drew until the pen ran out of ink.

12/4/12 M train Ballpoint sketch

1/22/13 M Train Ballpoint Sketch

1/13/13 F and N Train Ballpoint Sketch

1/22/13 M Train Ballpoint Sketch

1/10/13 N Train Ballpoint Sketch

1/12/13 R Train Ballpoint Sketch

1/6/13 N Train Ballpoint Sketch

1/3/13 N Train Ballpoint Sketch

12/9/12 2 train Copic Brush Pen Sketch

12/9/12 3 train Copic Brush Pen sketch

11/14/12 Crayola Crayon 6 train sketch

11/13/12 J Train Florescent and Crayola Markers train sketch

11/28/12 R train Ballpoint sketch

11/27/12 M train Ballpoint sketch

11/13/12 6 train Florescent Marker sketch

11/12/12 6 train Ballpoint sketch

11/8/12 M & J train Marker Sketch

11/8/12 N train Red Marker sketch

10/18/ 12 M train Tombo Dual Brush Pen Sketch

10/18/12 M train Tombo Dual Brush Pen Sketch

Subway Sketches!

A collection of drawings that I have made on my odyssey through the entire NYC Subway system.

Illustration Drawing