Sophocles Plokamakis


I am an Author, Cartoonist, Animator, Art Educator and Talent Amplifier!

You! I want to know all about what YOU like and are looking to learn!

I am confident in MY ability to boost YOUR (or your child or student's) CONFIDENCE by helping you solve the problems you normally have when you make art. I teach private art classes catered to your interest in the comfort of your home! I will bring many professional art supplies and paper for you to use. I will also bring great art books that are related to your subject of interests to get your creative gears turning. All you have to do is be ready to unleash your creativity onto paper! Each class is centered around any specific skill you want to focus on, whether it is drawing from life, photos, imagination or anything else you desire.

About me:

I currently work as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator. I am working on multiple projects right now including an animated series that I intend to pitch to Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

I have been drawing since I could hold a crayon. In my teenage years, I discovered the world of Japanese manga, anime and art. I followed my dream of becoming a great artist by obtaining my BFA in Cartooning from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. I also studied Animation and Directing at SVA.

I have published two books, Subway Stories and Passions of a Poet vol 2: Against ALL ODDS.

I have also published 6 manga strips read from right to left in a Japanese book, What they don't teach you in art school which was a best seller on Japans amazon website.

My work and solo show of my Metro Manga has been featured in the Brooklyn 12 tv news and an article was written about my Subway art in the Staten Island Advance.

I taught cartooning and anatomy at IS78 Q in Long Island city for two semesters, while also teaching private drawing and cartooning lessons to students.

Before that I worked at the Nest+m Public Elementary School on 111 Columbia st in Manhattan. In three years there I worked with over 100 students. I taught classes in manga, anime, comics, animation and Yu-Gi-Oh! I love working with children to help develop their true potential.

I have also been commissioned to illustrate for professional athletes, clothing companies, book covers, restaurants, businesses and make personal portraits and art.

To inquire about private drawing, manga or cartooning lessons for you or your child, or to purchase my original artwork, please contact me:

I look forward to helping you tap your full potential!

“All children are artists. The problem is to remain an artist once they grow up.” -Picasso

Please let me know which piece you are interested in and I will give you a quote. Prices on each piece vary. I accept payments through PayPal.



  • Manga
  • Teaching
  • Cartooning
  • Drawing and Inking Comics
  • Character Design
  • Portraits


  • I am proficient in Photoshop
  • Windows 7 & Mac OX operating systems. I am fluent in modern…


Astoria, Ny